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PFAS Free Swim Parkas

Introducing PFAS FREE Swim Parkas

We are proud to unveil our PFAS FREE Swim Parkas - caring for the environment and your health.
are swim parkas water proof

Are Swim Parkas Waterproof? Let's Dive In!

Let's take a closer look at what swim parkas are all about and how they handle water.
Swimming with austism and swimming lessons for children with autism

Autism and Swimming

Swimming itself is a life skill that everyone should learn – not excluding autistic individuals.
A Swim Parka is another name for a beach robe or swim robe.  The perfect coat for wearing after a swim to keep warm after swimming and to keep the car seats dry.

What is a Beach Robe called?

Is it a beach robe?  A hooded toweling robe? Maybe even a beach wrap?
Well, we can tell you - its a Swim Parka!

Hooded towels for after swimming have been updated and replaced by Swim Parkas which keep you wamer and the car seats dry.

Hooded Towels vs Swim Parkas

Hooded Towels are a thing of the past when it comes to warmth and convenience.  Introducing Swim Parkas......

Deck Coats are for anyone who likes to swim.  After a swim you can wear your deck coat so you don't need to use the public change rooms.  Just wear your coat and it will keep you warm and your car seats dry.  Every swimmer deserves one.

Deck Coats - Are they only for Competition Swimmers?

Absolutely not!  Everyone deserves the comfort and convenience of a nice warm coat after swimming.

Swim Jackets keep you warm after a swim and mean no more change rooms are needed.  A Swim Jacket otherwise called a Swim Parka will keep your car seats dry and protected on the way home from the pool or beach.

Swim Jackets - another name for Swim Parka!

What is the difference between a swim jacket and a swim parka?  It's all in the name!