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    Swim Jackets

    Swim Jackets, or as we like to call them, Swim Parkas, really are a must if you or your children are involved in some kind of water sport. If you have never heard of a Swim Jacket before, you’ll be excited to know that something like this is now available.

    An after Swim Jacket, is something you can wear to and from aquatic sporting activities directly over bathers. When subbed out of the pool waiting to re-enter the water, the towel lined Swim Jacket will keep you warm and snug.


    • Quality 270g cotton towel lining
    • Sustainable outer shell made from recycled plastic bottles
    • Fully washable
    • Two-way heavy duty zip, giving more leg room and maneuverability
    • Long length for extra warmth (and to aid in keeping car seats dry)
    • Fitted hood
    • Extra long sleeves to keep fingers warm, however because they are elasticised can be rolled up to form an attractive cuff
    • Two zippered pockets


    The Aquadash Swim Jacket was created for all those who have a love of water, to keep them dry, warm and comfortable.  Designed to lock in warmth, the jacket maintains body heat and keeps you warm until swimmers are ready to hop back into the water! 

    AquaDash have small, handy, quick dry towels for those who prefer to dry off a little more before putting on their jacket knowing they will be putting it on again shortly.  This way if you are putting your jacket on numerous times throughout the day, it will still be a little dry each time you put it on.

    When it’s time to go home, simply slip on your Swim Jacket, zip it up and you can sit in the car comfortably until you get home to shower. Even better, the specially treated polyester outer shell will keep the car seats dry the whole time!

    What could be easier?

    No more change rooms or getting dressed when you are not completely dry. Or getting kids changed in public when they reach that private age! Just slip on their Swim Jacket and head on home.

    The Swim Jacket isn’t only for swimming sporting activities though. Great for just visiting the pools, the beach or even in your backyard.

    A Swim Jacket really can make life easier for both you and your child. Buy one today and see the difference it can make in the time it takes you to get home from swimming.