Your trip to the Pool made Easier!

We recognize that change rooms can pose challenges, and our wide-sleeved parkas are here to eliminate those barriers, allowing you to focus on the joy of swimming and the well-being it brings.

Designed specifically for people with mobility issues or for those who our regular parkas are not a good fit, enjoy the post swim comfort and convenience of a wide-sleeved swim parka.

We've got you covered!

Limited Mobility

Designed to ease the post swim frustration for those with limited arm movement.

Wheelchair Users

The extra Wide Sleeves of these parkas provides easier access for wheelchair users.

Large Upper Arms

Perfect fit for those who suffer from Lipedema or similar and have large upper arms.

*Please note that this fit will be baggy if you don't actually require the larger armholes

Our Wide Sleeved Swim Parkas are designed specifically to provide easier access to people with limited mobility, wheelchair users and people who struggle to get their arms into regular sleeves - particularly when wet.  Also perfect for those who have difficulties with zippers as these parkas have Velcro options.

They are all 110cm in length.

The armholes vary from 78cm to 88cm.

AquaDash Swim Parkas: Your solution for Stress-Free Post-Swim Comfort!

No more awkward change rooms or rushed dressing.  Our parkas offer:

  • 100% Cotton towel lining for warmth and comfort
  • Specially treated outer shell to keep car seats dry - made from recycled materials
  • Extra wide sleeves for easy access
  • Easy mobility with our Heavy Duty Two-way YKK zipper
  • Both zip and Velcro closure giving you a choice
  • Fitted Hood
  • Long length for warmth
  • Smart storage - two zippered pockets
  • Inside name label

Plus we care for your health and the planet:

  • PFAS Free (Learn more here)
  • OEKO-TEX® Certified Fabrics
  • Global Recycled Standards for Sustainability

Upgrade your post-swim experience today with AquaDash Swim Parkas - where comfort meets functionality!

Comfort and Safety No More Public Change Rooms

SELF Managed

If you are a self-managed NDIS participant, complete and pay for your order online. You can then use your order receipt to claim reimbursement from the NDIS.

Your items will be on their way to you the following business day!

PLAN Managed

If you are a plan-managed participant, complete the order form below and we will email an invoice to your support coordinator for processing and payment.

Once the invoice has been paid for, you will be notified and your order will be shipped.

NOTE: If payment is not received within 2 weeks, the invoice will be cancelled and items will be returned to the website for sale.

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Customer reviews
The Aquadash swim coat has made my trips to the public hydrotherapy pool a joy now. I would dread going because I would have to use the change rooms that are always wet. With my limited mobility I would find it impossible not to get my clothes wet. Now I just get out of the pool, do a quick wipe down with a towel, slip on my Aquadash coat and out into my car and home. No wet seat, no fuss and no bother. I have no excuses now not to do what I need to do to make life better. Incredibly happy customer and would absolutely recommend!!
— Glenda Pym
Swim Parka is a game changer. Absolutely love my swim parka - 60+, doing rehab water walking and loathed getting out of the pool and driving home. Saw another lady wearing one and got the website details ...on the way home with my pool buddy I looked it up and ordered straight away. Wore it the first time this week and I was toasty warm, didn't need to take a towel, didn't get the car seat wet and quite frankly could have worn it all day. My pool buddy has also now ordered one having tried it on!
— Vicki Campbell
The lovely staff were just gorgeous to deal with. Super customer service. Totally professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They were able to help me every step of the way. I ordered a shorter length swim parka in small and for me (152 cm) it was a perfect mid calf length. Super happy with the quality product. Delivery was great, product arrived in a couple of days. Aqua dash have been a pleasure to deal with. ( many of our swim class ladies are now wearing them and we jokingly call ourselves the … “AquaDashians” ❤️
— Christine Olgilvie
Highly recommended for the colder weather Promptly dispatched. The parka has been used numerous times; high quality materials and build. The thickness of the materials shield you well from the cold wind and weather. I have been using it from jumping out of the pool until arriving home. It has been a great addition especially when walking out of the facility into the chilly weather. The parka is lengthy enough for me not to require a separate towel on my seat for the drive home. My only regret is that I wish I brought it earlier!
— Melissa K
I love these swim parkas These are really well made and beautiful swim parkas. They are exactly as advertised. My husband and I wore them to Aquafit the other day and SO many people asked about them and wanted to know where we got them. My husband has some mobility issues and struggle a bit with the zip, but this is miles easier for him than having to change I to street clothes. Such a great purchase. (Since Susie's review we have introduced the velcro option for those who struggle with zippers)
— Susie H

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

We endeavor to ship all orders next business day. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your order, possibly an additional day or two if you live in a regional area. If you have requested express post, 2-3 business days from order.

How do I care for my Swim Parka?

Our parkas can be machine washed - just not tumble dried. Please note, they don't take on the chlorine smell like a regular towel and don't require washing after each use. Simply turn them inside out and leave them to air dry until the next swim.

Can I exchange my order?

Absolutely! Please see our exchange/return options here

Our 2 way zipper in action

Have more questions?

If you have any questions or require assistance, send us a message and our friendly team will get back to you as quickly as possible.