Zip Tip

If you are having problems with your 2 way zipper, this page is dedicated to helping you get it working!

First thing to be aware of is that there are two pull tabs - not just one!  If you are only using one pull tab, the zipper won't work!

To begin, you need to ensure that both of the pull tabs are all the way down the bottom of the zipper.  Once the tabs are firmly seated at the bottom, you can insert the free zip edge through them both.  This really needs to "click" into place before pulling the top tab of the zipper up.  You can then pull the top tab upwards while holding the bottom tab firmly in place to zip up the coat.

And that's it!  One pull tab will be at the top of the parka, and the other remains down the bottom.

Once you have worked it out, you can then easily pull the bottom tab up to open the parka from the bottom allowing for more leg room for either driving or just running around. 

This is also really handy when it is too warm to have your parka all zipped up.  Once you have started to zip up your parka, you can pull the top tab down to the middle of the zipper and pull the bottom tab up to the middle to meet it.  This will hold the 2 sides of the parka together whilst still allowing it to stay mostly open.


Click on the video link below to watch out zipper in motion....