Our Story

About Us

My name is Cindy and I am the person behind AquaDash, an Australian owned Company, formerly Great Aussie Swim Parkas.

The idea and research for Great Aussie Swim Parkas began in 2010, it was because I wanted a garment that would keep my kids warm and cosy after their swim lessons and would also protect my car seats.

Back then I just couldn't find anything.

So with the support of my family I found myself at an international trade show looking for someone to help me create what I had in mind - a new and improved version of the old hooded towel that I used to wear as a child...

...Fast forward 13 years and we can now be found in Swim Schools around Australia and we are building our reputation in the USA. Over the years, so many people have asked me to grow the brand to include additional product but it was never the right time.

In 2020 when COVID 19 shut down public pools, business ground to a halt. I decided this was the perfect time to concentrate my efforts on expanding. It was a very difficult decision to rebrand but the name "Great Aussie Swim Parkas" really didn't lend itself to swimwear.

AquaDash was the result.

At the time of rebranding, we also decided that it was the perfect time to go sustainable.  We brought the first Sustainable Swim Parkas to the market - something that I am extremely proud of!

Then in 2023, continuing to innovate, we unveiled our PFAS free swim parkas.  You can read more about what we discovered about PFAS and why we have eliminated them from our products here.

In summary, I am dedicated to bringing affordable, sustainable quality that is both practical yet comfortable to the pool. Combine that with a proven history of quality service and you can be confident that your shopping experience with AquaDash will be a happy one!