Leaders in Sustainable Swim Parkas

I am thrilled to have started a sustainable journey with our AquaDash parkas and swimwear. 

It all began with creating quality products designed to stand the test of time.  While it might not be the best for frequent sales, it's exactly what our planet needs.  With over consumption on the rise, we are committed to making items that last.  It's our way of giving a little love back to the planet. 🌍💚


Our entire swimwear range is crafted from discarded plastic bottles that are sadly found floating in our oceans and it is the all important outer-shell of our swim parkas that is also made using these recycled yarns.  I want to know that while AquaDash offers customers a great choice of products we are also doing something good for the environment.

A frightening estimated 60 million plastic bottles are discarded EVERY day.

Upon collection of the bottles, manufacturers are able to melt them down and create the recycled polyester yarns that we use to make our garments.  The process removes all foreign substances, making it almost like a “new again” raw material.  It takes more time and effort to produce sustainable fabric compared to non-sustainable textiles, and I hope you think it is as brilliant as we do!


Continuing our journey to innovate and be leaders in the swim parka industry, in September 2023 we launched our newest range of swim parkas using PFAS free waterproofing techniques.   We made this decision after learning about the forever chemicals often used in water proofing and how they can cause harm to both the environment and potentially our health.  They don't break down easily and have been linked to health issues so its simply a safer choice to opt for PFAS free.  You can read more about PFAS here.

As an Australian owned business, we are simply trying to do our part in making smart choices for both our environment and for your health.


Certifications on our products include

The OEKO-TEX® standard 100-certification ensures that our fabrics have been tested for substances that are harmful to our health and the environment.
Hang Tags are made from recycled pulp products.
The recycled fabrics / yarns we use are certified by Global Recycled Standards.
Our swimwear packaging meets the standards set by EPI and our latest swim parkas shall also meet those standards.