You've had a great day at the beach and now its time to pack up and go home.  Ugh, it's cold and you're wet and you really don't want to use those public change rooms to rinse off and get dressed.  You just want to get home.

Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot someone wearing this fabulous looking hooded robe that looks warm and like the answer to getting home without fuss.  But what now.  You've seen it but you have no idea what it is called!  How are you going to find one?

Is it a beach robe?  A hooded toweling robe? Maybe even a beach wrap?

Well, we can tell you - its probably a Swim Parka!  A hooded robe for after swimming with extras!

Looking much like a long hooded bath robe, particularly due to the length, the Swim Parka has been specifically designed for after swimming.  Locking in warmth, our parka has a 100% lush cotton towel lining and a specially treated shower proof polyester outer coat that keeps car seats dry!

So, if you have been looking for something to wrap yourself up in after a day at the beach – look no further.  Now you know what it's called, you can get dry and warm after swimming by simply wrapping yourself up in your swim parka.  Zip it up and you are ready to hop in the car and go home. This fantastic variation of a beach robe will keep you comfortable whilst keeping your car seats protected!

  • No more public change rooms
  • No more trying to get dressed when you are not quite dry and falling over
  • No more sticky car seats

You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort this will save you as you leave the pool or beach after a fabulous yet tiring day!  Quite simply, our beach robe makes a day at the beach more enjoyable by alleviating the hassles when its time to go home.

Even better, AquaDash are proud to present their sustainable  Swim Parka to their range.  The new outer shell is made from recycled plastic bottles!  Cleaning up the ocean one bottle at a time while you swim in it!

Customer reviews
Long lasting quality! I don’t usually leave reviews, but I love these swim parkas. Im back here to buy the size up because my kids insist on growing constantly. The ones I bought over 3 years ago still look almost brand new (luckily they can be handed down to younger siblings)
— Kristie Fleming
Innovative idea, great quality! So handy to have with swimming lessons, best on and straight in the car without any mess. Made from quality materials that soak up the water and don’t leave any mess behind, very happy with my purchase!
— Helena Coundouris
This is my second order from Aqua Dash and again the service - easy to order, great communication and speed of delivery was awesome. The product is outstanding, the sizing chart is accurate and the parka does the job of keeping you warm when you hop out of the sea and the car seats dry as you drive home.
— Jan Richards
Amazing customer service, product was as advertised, and is amazing and delivery was extremely quick. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to keep warm and dry after swimming.
— Helen Man