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    Beach Robes

    The Aquadash Swim Parka / Beach Robe was designed not only for comfort but to be an extremely practical garment after a day at the beach or the pool.

    So, for comfort we have a 100% cotton towel lining which provides warmth from your ears right down to mid-calf. Adding to your comfort, we have included a two way zipper for additional leg manoeuvrability and two zippered pockets.

    As for the practicality of the parka, ours is one of the only beach robes on the market boasting that it will keep your car seats dry, meaning you can finish your swim, slip on your parka and head on home not worrying about being perfectly dry before getting in the car.

    Quite simply, our beach robe makes a day at the beach more enjoyable by alleviating the hassles of packing up at the end of the day and getting home.

    These convenient and practical Beach Robes come in a baby version, children’s sizes 4 to 14 and adult sizes small right through to XXX Large.