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    Hooded Towels

    Hooded towels for children are a thing of the past!

    Parents are now looking for a Swim Parka for their children. Not only do they look great, they have so much more to offer than the old fashioned hooded towel! They are warm, cosy, convenient and specially treated to keep your car seats dry.

    The Aquadash Swim Parka was designed for all those who have a love of water, to keep them dry, warm and comfortable.

    A day at the beach is so much easier with a Swim Parka. As late afternoon approaches and it starts to get chilly, a Swim Parka will keep the children cosy and warm whilst they play in the sand. Even a game of beach cricket can be enjoyed with a Swim Parka on – simply use the two way zipper to provide more leg room for running around.

    When the day draws to an end and it is time to go home, the children can simply slip on their Swim Parka and they are ready to jump into the car. No more trying to convince your child to get changed on the beach while they still feel partly wet and tacky with salt water and sand or if they are just too embarrassed to get changed in public!

    The Aquadash Swim Parka will see them home warm and comfortable, keeping your car seats dry at the same time. The children will be snug and happy in the car and can then shower and change in the comfort of their own home.

    This new and updated version of a hooded towel is just as fabulous at the swimming pools or simply in your backyard.

    Designed to lock in warmth, the Swim Parka has a specially treated shower proof polyester outer coat with a 100% cotton towel lining. They come in a baby version, children’s sizes 4 to 14 and adult sizes Small right through to XXX Large. Grab yourself a Swim Parka and find out just how easy a trip to the beach or pool really can be.