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    Swim Wraps

    If you are looking for something to wrap yourself up in after swimming – look no further. Aquadash are proud to present their Swim Parka range. These innovative Swim Wraps have been designed specifically for after swimming, whether you are at the swimming pool, the beach or simply in your own backyard.

    Looking much like a bath robe, particularly due to the length, the Aquadash Swim Parka has been specifically designed for after swimming.  Locking in warmth, the Aquadash Swim Parka has a specially treated shower proof polyester outer coat with a 100% cotton towel lining.

    What does this mean for you??

    Quite simply, it means you can get dry and warm after swimming by simply wrapping yourself up in your swim parka and when you are ready to go home, just hop in the car and go. The Swim Wrap, or as we call it the Swim Parka, will keep you warm whilst keeping your car seat dry!

    These convenient swim parkas or swim wraps make for a quick and easy getaway from the beach or pool. No more public change rooms, or trying to get dressed when you are not quite dry, just slip on your swim parka and go! You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort this will save you as you leave the pool or beach after a fabulous yet tiring day!

    Even if you have nowhere to drive after your swim, your swim parka can be worn between dips in the pool just to keep you comfortable. Any furniture you sit on will remain dry until you are ready to jump back into the water.

    These convenient Swim Parkas come in a baby version, children’s sizes 4 to 14 and adult sizes small right through to XXX Large.