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    Swim Robes

    A swim robe is a must for anyone who has children who love to swim. Designed to keep your children warm and cosy after swimming, the robe will save you time and effort when you are ready to leave the pool or beach.

    Looking much like a bath robe, particularly due to the length, the Aquadash Swim Parka has been specifically designed for after swimming. It is made from 100% cotton towelling and has a specially treated polyester outer shell which keeps car seats dry on the drive home.

    The Aquadash Swim Parka was designed for all those who have a love of water, to keep them dry, warm and comfortable.

    After your children have enjoyed their swim, they simply slip on their swim parka and are ready for the drive home. No more looking for privacy in a change room or getting dressed on the beach whilst they are still partially wet and certainly sandy. Once they are snug in their parka, they can wait until they get home and are showered before they get dressed.

    You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort this will save you as you leave the pool or beach after a fabulous yet tiring day!

    If you are campers, there are even more uses for your look alike robe! It’s not all about how much easier it can be after a swim, even showering in the parks shower blocks are easier with a swim parka.

    Now your child can strip off in the tent or caravan, slip on their parka and head for the shower. Once they are finished, they slip their parka on again and head back to the tent to get dressed. No more wasted time in the shower block. No more dropping clean clothes on the wet ground. And no more trying to put on your clothes whilst trying not to let them touch the ground or your wet feet!

    How easy is that?

    Buy one for your children and see the difference it makes to your next beach, pool or camping trip.