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    Swim Coats

    A Swim Coat is a must for anyone who has children who love to swim. Designed to keep your children warm and cosy after swimming, Swim Coats, or as we call them “Swim Parkas”, will save you time and effort when you are ready to leave the pool or beach.

    If your children are in swim lessons, keep in mind that developing your child’s Personal Aquatic Survival Skills is something that need not stop because of the cooler weather. There is an old saying “use it or lose it” that applies to your child’s early skill development. Children who swim throughout the year are more likely to improve their swimming skills, increase their confidence in & around the water and progress to the next level at a faster rate.

    So keep swimming and make it easier on yourself and your child with a swim coat.

    With a Great Aussie Swim Parka, or Swim Coat, after your children have enjoyed their swim, they simply slip on their swim parka and are ready for the drive home. No need to shiver as they wait for a warm shower in the change room; once they are snug in their parka, they can head home to shower in comfort. And don’t worry about the car seats, the specially treated outer shell will keep them as dry whilst keeping your child warm.